The flavor of aztec heritage

Proud to share with you the best of Mexican cuisine, Tulum creates with the best culinary elements to delight the most demanding foodies who seek to taste traditional dishes from different countries.

Native ingredients from Mexico such as chocolate, tomato, avocado, an extensive variety of chilies and corn will be present in our dishes, in a dance of flavors that will transport you to every corner of Mexico.

We invite you to experience exotic flavors and learn about Mexico’s gastronomic contribution to the world.


Our restaurant fuses the old with the contemporary Mexico, exalts the colorfulness of our flora with its extensive variety of flowers, the minerals and materials extracted from the jungles and forests of our magnificent territory. We have adapted beautiful elements of Mexican craftsmanship into stylized and comfortable recreation spaces for guest of all ages.

Tulum has been created as a family destination, with amenities and varied menu for children. We have adapted a dazzling playground and care space to entertain the little ones while you enjoy a pleasant meal.


The main elements of our designs are Influenced by art and architecture from the ancient Mexican Mixteca civilization in the XIV and XV.

Clay Geometric mosaics and painted ceramic in an urban adaptation to adorn the spaces of Tulum.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to be the constant preference of natives and foreigners whom we will serve with the warmth and distinctive respect of Mexican culture and customs.

We envision our restaurant as the best option for family hangouts. Values such as courtesy, respect, warmth and professionalism will always be present in our service and image.